Logos Mania

Every company or organization have their own logo as an identity. I always like looking at logos, different shapes, design, style and colors. Sometimes, I played around with my graphic software and tried inventing logos for myself or my future business. So many aspects in creating a logo, and there are so many ways to modify it as well. Here I found some really funny and wacky logos on the internet:
Dell becoming Hell? Well, whoever did this must be having bad experiences with these big companies. He/She probably got bad laptop from Dell, price hike for Shell, broken camera from Sony, bad cuppa from Starbucks and wow, I wondered what Playboy did to him/her.

7-Eleven just got “pornopolied”:
A simple change make a big, big difference.

How about mixing the logos and the companies around?
Adobe logo becomes Apple, Mac logo turning Microsoft… Boy, it’s too weird to comprehend!

OK, this is my favorite:


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