Unusual Architecture From Around the World

From incredibly cool to totally weird; a collection of unusual houses and buildings from around the World.

Forest Spiral - Hundertwasser Building

Located in Darmstadt and built by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, the famous Austrian architect and painter. The Hundertwasser house “Waldspirale” with 105 apartments, wraps around a landscaped courtyard with a running stream.

The Basket Building

The Basket Building

Located in Newark, Ohio the Basket Building is the home office of The Longaberger Basket Company. Founder Dave Longaberger decided he wanted the corporate home office in a giant basket.

The Football House

Football House

Located in Blantyre, Malawi the Football House was built by Dutch Architect Jan Sonkie as his residence.

The Bubble House

Bubble House

Located in Tourettes-sur-Loup, France, and was designed by the Hungarian architect Antti Lovag. At 35 years old, it has already been listed by the French ministry of culture as an historic monument.

The Crooked House - Poland

Crooked House

Located in Sopot, Poland at Bohaterów Monte Cassino Street the Crooked House was constructed in 2003 based off of drawings from Jan Marcin Szancer and Per Dahlberg.

Crazy House

Crazy House

Located in Dalat, Vietnam the Crazy House, formerly known as Hang Nga Villa, was designed by architect Dr. Dang Viet Nga. Photo by Alasidir.

The Bird House

Bird House

The bird enthusiast’s dream home. Unknown location, house has over a dozen bird houses built into it’s frame.

Dancing House

Dancing House

Office building located in Prague, Czech Republic and designed by architects Vlado Milunić and Frank Gehry. Because the building somewhat resembles a pair of dancers it was orginially named Fred and Ginger, after Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Later it was nicknamed the Dancing House.

The Crooked House a.k.a. The Siden House a.k.a. The Glynne Arms

A historical landmark located at Himley in the West Midlands of the UK. The subsidence was caused by the mining of coal underneath and around the foundation.

Thin House - London

Thin House

Though there are quite a few thin houses exist around the globe, this particular Thin House is located in London, UK.

The Cookie Jar House

Cookie Jar House

Located in Glendora, New Jersey designed as a cookie jar. The orginal intention was to have a community of these homes however this is the only cookie jar home built.

Bart Prince House

Bart Prince House

Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico this was created by architect Bart Prince.

The Cave

Cave House

Located in Armington, Illinois the home was one of the first underground homes in country.

McBride’s Dome House - Hawthorn

Hawthorn Dome House

Located in Hawthorn, Australia by architects McBride Charles Ryan based off of Roy Grounds 1959 Spaceship Design.

Robot Ranch Dome House

Robot Ranch Dome House

Located in Ferris, Texas and designed by Al Schwarz the Robot Ranch contains 7 interconnected monolithic domes providing 4,144 sq ft of living space.

The Vertical House

Vertical House

Located in Venice Beach, this is the creation of architect Lorcan O’Herlihy. The home sitting on a lot that is 25 ft. wide, has a total of 112 windows.

The Kettle House

Kettle House

Located in Galveston, Texas made of steel in the 1950’s.

The Spaceship House

Spaceship House

Located in Urbandale, Iowa, this property belongs to fitness club owner, LaMar.

The Log Mahal

The Log Mahal

Located in Payson, Arizona, the Log Mahal was the creation of Fred Wagenhals. The log home is over 16,000 sq. ft. and possibly the largest log cabin ever made.

Dar Al Hajar

Dar Al Hajar

Located in Yemen, the Dar Al Hajar and built by Imam Yahya as a summer residence in the 1930s.

Cubic Houses of Rotterdam

Cubic Houses of Rotterdam

Located in Rotterdam in The Netherlands, and developed by Piet Blom.

The Pod House

Pod House

Located in Rochester, New York the Pod House (also know as the Mushroom House) design was inspired by the plant Queen Anne’s Lace.

The Mushroom House a.k.a. Tree House

Mushroom House

Located in the Hyde Park section of Cincinatti, Ohio, the Mushroom House was designed by architect Terry Brown, a professor at the University of Cincinnatti.

The Story Book House

Storybook House

Located in Olalla, Washington, the Story Book House was created as a homage to Hansel & Gretel.

The Pyramid House - Ohio

Pyramid House

Located in Hamilton, Ohio, the Pyramid House is actually a subterranian home, and the pyramid section is a large skylight.

Gangster’s Wood House

Ganster Wood House

Located in Arkhangelsk, Russia, it is believed to be the world’s tallest wooden house, soaring 13 floors to reach 144ft - about half the size of the tower of Big Ben…. and built by a ganster.

Palacio de las Artes - Palace of the Arts

Palace of the Arts

Located in Valencia, Spain, the building is the opera house and is one of the buildings within the City of Arts and Sciences.

Airplane House

Airplane House

Located in Abuja, Nijeria this home belongs to Said and Liza Jammal. Liza requested in the early years of their marriage to have a home constructed in the shape of airplane. Almost 20 years later, the construction of the home began.



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