Top 10 Reasons to Focus on Google Adsense

Blog & Site Advertising is one of the easiest & the fastest way to start earning money from your blogs & websites .

Not all advertisers pay the high amount of money cost-per-click-money or cost-per-impression-money . Ads have to be optimized to maximize your earning from website .

I have stressed over & over again that content is the king . For one, content is the main reason why you have your readers. Ignore content, and you lose them one by one.

For two, content generates interest & followers. Social networking starts with valuable content - that which provides important facts & information to your readers.

For Three, solid content helps attract the best contextual ads. Contextual ads complement your content - so they are more likely to be clicked by visitors.

I have discussed the practical aspects of a good layout of content & ads . If you search this website you will find so much valuable content on designing an effective website, choosing advertisers & themes that are suitable for earning advertising revenues.

For beginners, choosing an advertiser could be a problem, primarily due to the fact that good, high paying advertisers will have entry requirements. Some advertisers are suitable for starters who do not have a high page rank or high link popularity.

Google stands out to be one of the best advertiser , both to starters as well as for the highly popular sites & blogs . It is essential that you have a Strategy for Google Advertising right from the start.

Here are the Top 10 Reasons why Google Makes the Best Advertiser for Publishers :

  1. Google Ads are international - no matter who visits your ads from around the world, Google will have enough good ad inventory to display. This increases your chances for higher ad earnings
  2. Google Adsense Ads have the highest cost-per-click rates - the CPC rates for Google Ads are one of the best in the industry. Because of the best contextual ads, Google is able to deliver a high success value to the advertisers. Hence, advertisers on Google pay high CPC rates
  3. Extremely Contextually Relevant - Google Ad strategy is best designed when you treat Google Ads are an integral part of your content. Form your posts & content in a way that leaves room for Google to publish relevant ads
  4. Combination of CPC & CPM Ads - Google ad inventory provides impression based CPM & click-based CPC ads. So there is a good balance in your earning from Adsense ads
  5. Low Click Fraud Rate - Google Monitors click frauds very minutely. Click Fraud is one of the biggest problems in the ad industry. Google monitors their advertisers & publishers very minutely to reduce loss of earning for false ad clicks
  6. Google Adsense has Multiple Ad Streams - Google has all the possible ways to maximize your content. It has text & image ads for your post content, Feed Ads for all your RSS Feeds, Video Ads to earn from your videos & Mobile Ads for your blog or websites mobile website
  7. Integrate with other Advertisers to Maximize Ad revenue - Google Adsense has the option of providing alternate ads in rare cases where Google cannot find relevant ads for your content. Google is also accepted by most of the other good advertisers as the back-up ad server so you can maximize your earnings. Advertisers like Chitika , Adbrite , BidVertiser , Vadpay all work well with Google Adsense
  8. Integrated Ad Earning Reports - Google services include webmaster tools, Adsense monitoring tools as well as AdWords tools along with Site Monitoring tools. All these services are integrated to help you understand how your website is working, how your ads are working & what are the best keywords for your blogs posts & website’s content
  9. Timely Payout of Ad Revenue Earning - Google is one of the most respected advertising companies in the world. Google has made millions or bloggers & internet business successful & continues to pay billions of dollars to publishers as their earnings. Their payout is on time, everytime & Google also details how, when & what you have earned from the ads
  10. Google Adsense & Google Adwords Support & Help Forum - Google has a dedicated help & support program to help people succeed & maximize their ad revenues. Google also runs the Adsense Blog to keep their publishers & advertisers posted on new developments, issues & solutions

I would recommend that new publishers focus on creating a Google Adsense Strategy from Day 1. You would need to experiment with Google Sandbox to refine keywords & ad formats for maximizing the ad revenues from your blog ads.


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